Monday, February 13, 2012

Story - "Signs of Spring"

This mini-story is based upon the characters in the children's book: Tales From The Glades Of Ballymore

Last week was a bit snowy in Ballymore.  It didn't snow a lot, but flakes were frequently in the air. However, yesterday morning the sun came out briefly.  Rhonda Rabbit looked out her back window to view her forlorn winter flower garden. She has the largest garden in Ballymore and provides beautiful bouquets to the residents throughout most of the year.  But now, in February, the predominant color was white.  She liked snow but was eager for spring to arrive.

Her keen eyes noticed a hint of color popping up about twenty feet into the garden.  Could it be her crocuses waking up? She rushed out of the back door to the spot.  Yes!  The delicate purple flowers were just breaking through the snow to bathe themselves in the sunshine.  How glorious she thought. She quickly looked around for more, but there were none yet.  Still, she was overjoyed at this first sign of spring.  More of this beauty would arrive soon.

Though cold, the air was clean and fresh.  She looked to her left and saw the single blue flag flapping from Grenby Groundhog's weather pole.  It was his tradition to leave one flag on the pole through his three month hibernation.  He would awake soon to begin another year of weather forecasting.

Ballymore pond had a few whitecaps on it, and the duck family was pulling their delivery raft across.  The raft was loaded with goods for several residents.  They would have a busy day.

At the far east end, Morris Muskrat had a large red kite dancing in the breeze.  The annual kite flying contest was just next month.  Again, Rhonda would work with Morris and Birk Beaver to build over fifty kites for everyone.  She recalled how gorgeous they all looked as they took to the sky in early spring.  Apparently, Morris couldn't wait.  She watched for a while as the kite swooped and glided.

Fragrance from the nearby pine forest filled the air.  Each gust of wind moved through the trees and reinforced the aroma.  Other faint smells came from the woods but she couldn't identify them.  Nature was preparing herself for the coming season.

A large cloud rolled over the sun and darkened the scene.  Rhonda smiled.  Spring will not be held back by a cloud.  It will arrive exactly on time.  Rhonda was grateful for the preview.   For the rest of the day, she felt alive with anticipation.

Just under the snow, more crocuses were about to arrive.

© 2012 Robert N. Brooks

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Tales From The Glades Of Ballymore

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