The Stories

This is the archive area for some of the Ballymore Stories. These heartwarming, adventurous, and humorous mini-stories are based upon the animal characters in my children's book: Tales From The Glades Of Ballymore


"This past weekend Petunia Porcupine held her annual pumpkin festival.  On Saturday morning, everyone was invited to help harvest....."

"The Community"

"On some clear, cool October nights, the temperature drops enough so that a dense fog forms over Ballymore pond and the surrounding woods, fields and glens."

"The Goblins"

"Morris Muskrat is Ballymore's furniture builder and has been for many years. With his apprentice, Birk Beaver, they build everything from tables to chests to toys.

"They met at the Weasels' cottage at 7 bongs. Darkness had enveloped Ballymore.  There was no wind and nothing moved."
"Unknown (continued)"

"The weasels looked for some other indication of what had happened to Finn but they saw only trees and fog." 
"Decorating The Holiday Tree"

"Last week Sam Snapping Turtle and the Beaver family chose and were chosen by a special holiday tree.  Later that day, the tree was transported to the island ....."

"On Thursday Sam Snapping Turtle pulled his red wooden sled into the forest.  He was closely followed by the Beaver family - all five of them."

"Winter Is Family Time"

"Last Tuesday Grenby Groundhog began his long winter nap.  Except for a brief appearance at the Winter Solstice Eve celebration, he will sleep until February 15th." 

"The Winter Solstice Gift"

"Branna Bluebird sat on the highest branch of the tallest tree in Ballymore.  It must have been at least 100 feet high."

"The Fly-In"

"Branna Bluebird was flying back over Ballymore Pond after completing a message delivery to Stoddard Swan. The day had started off nice and sunny but ...."
"Flying In The Rain"

"Until recently, Stoddard and Sean Swan have tried to avoid flying in the rain. This has been difficult because of their responsibilities."
"A Red Rose"

"Rachel Rabbit decided she would like to make a new friend. She didn't know who it would be but that would be part of the fun."

"An Ambulance For Chauncy"

"In a recent story, Rachel Rabbit had made a new friend - Chauncy Squirrel.  Chauncy was an old squirrel and had recently injured one of his legs in a fall from a pine tree."

The Chipmunk kids, Colin, Connor, and Craig were playing on their dock last week in the early morning. Connor said, "Do you know what today is?"

Last week was a bit snowy in Ballymore.  It didn't snow a lot, but flakes were frequently in the air. However, yesterday morning the sun came out briefly.

"From Nuts To Reading"

Saturday morning there was a knock the squirrels' door. Rachel answered and was happy to see Chauncy Squirrel standing there.

"The Apple-Walnut Pie"

"Last Friday morning Branna, Britt and Brie Bluebird were sitting at their dining table.  It was a slow day for the Ballymore messenger service."


"On New Year's Eve Bartholomew Owl and his nephew, Oliver, were looking out the side window of his treehouse. They had a good view of the pond."